Tired of small talk 



At Immersioneer, we believe it's time to take human dialogue somewhere deeper.  


Plug in.

With the arrival of smartphones and social media, we were told that the world was becoming more connected. But as digital addictions grow while mental health declines, it's clear that something human has been lost in the shuffle.


On The I Project, we explore the roots of this disconnection and explore new ways of thinking, seeing, and being.  

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I think we are collectively going through this giant awakening because we are no longer outsourcing our consciousness.  We're realizing...I am the one who is in charge of how I feel about the things going on in the world, and now I have to plug back in...to figure out how I can be a positive presence in the way that I live my life and deal with others.  


Kelly Sue Milano 

Come together


And by a "deeper" dialogue we don't mean heavy, stuffy, or boring.  We mean a conversation that cuts through the noise so we can talk about the real things that move our lives. 

Social media might be good for sharing memes, but it's not great at fostering healthy human dialogue.  At Open Session we put our smartphones away and embark on a collaborative conversation about the big challenges facing culture and civilization.

More immediacy. 

More humanity. 

As our world grows more complex, I believe we are being challenged to find new ways of looking at ourselves and the world we share. I believe we are being invited to see beyond our current polarization and division and to discover the deeper perspectives that will help us thrive in the 21st Century. 

But to discover such perspectives, we cannot sit idly by. We cannot hide behind our smartphones or social media and expect the answers to find us.  Awe're realizing, the internet might be great at disseminating information, but this doesn't make the truth any easier to find.  While digital communication may allow us to communicate instantly, we're realizing that it can't deliver the full fidelity of face-to-face human dialogue.  

I founded Immersioneer because I believe that improving human communication holds the key to our collective evolution and that this hinges on our individual self-awareness.   that restoring immediacy and intimacy to our  dialogue is .  The future of our world hinges on our capacity to communicate and collaborate and I want to create new spaces where compassion is the best place to start.  


If you would like join the conversation, we'd be honored to have you at the table.  




clancey hilkene | founder

We're building a space for honesty and exploration, but with a focus on the deepest things that move our lives. 

Andrew Strenio


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Know Thy Self

There's a whole lot more to human identity than what you can capture in a selfie.  At The Crash Course, we cruise past the surface stuff and dive into a series of thought experiments, meditative exercises, and Socratic dialogues that help us gain a deeper understanding of the ego and the mind.  

For me personally, The Crash Course has improved the way I perceive and experience life. 


Trent Ubben