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Crash Course


I was told it would be two hours to unplug and connect IRL, which seemed vague.  But as the hours flew by, I learned this was profoundly true!  Surrounded by mostly strangers, previously separated by one degree, we discussed topics important to navigating life - everyone came out of their shells and contributed, sharing diverse perspectives.  We stared into each others eyes (literally...stared, but it was good).  And we created space for men and women to connect over universal questions.  I left feeling totally refreshed. 

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Shannon Smith


I can honestly say that, whenever I’m going to a new place and/or trying a new thing, my nerves and anxiety kick into top gear. So I was a bit nervous heading into the Crash Course.  But within moments of starting, I realized that these feelings and thoughts were exactly what the workshop was about. The Crash Course brings self-exploration to a community setting giving you the opportunity to explore ideas at the base of your identity and to reflect on how you perceive yourself in the world. So, if you're curious about how you unconsciously react to situations and want to learn new ways to learn from those reactions, then the Crash Course is a great place to start. It will teach you how calm your mind, cultivate acceptance, and meet some new friends along the way. 

Bryn Lowe

financial analyst

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The Crash Course was an amazing experience.  It gave us space to have a dialogue and bring awareness to that inner narrative we have bouncing around our heads all day. It was awesome connecting with others in ways we don’t get to in daily life and finding out about each other's shared experience.  We’re all in the same boat!

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Fabian Elmers


Trent Ubben


"For me personally, the Crash Course has improved the way I perceive and experience life. I think we all need an outlet to understand and explore the inner workings of our mind, the parts of ourselves that most of us don't often confront. The Crash Course provides an accessible, genuine platform for people to do that...Very healing stuff.   

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Aleksandra Rzeźnik

advertising executive

"Want a new, liberating perspective on your life? Clancey's got you covered. His passion, curiosity and downright charming aura make him the ideal guide to help you explore your mind and the universe. 

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