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A polarizing issue doesn't have to paralyze dialogue.  All we need is the right space in which to explore.

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open session

Open to all and free to attend, Open Session is an opportunity to step outside our social media feeds and enter into a non-judgmental dialogue about the big questions bubbling to the top of culture and consciousness.  

how it works
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You can bring it, but please be sure to turn it off at the outset of the session.

Because everyone has a valid perspective to share with the broader whole.

open to all

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A brilliant and beautiful experience

into humanity and conversation. 


Lauren Carr

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I've attended Open Session alongside people from all different walks of life, from different generations and continents, and there is always a feeling in the air that everyone is connected. 


If I could sum it up, being in one of these sessions sort of reminds you what it should feel like to be alive.


Trent Ubben

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