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With the arrival of smartphones and social media, we were told that the world was becoming more connected. But as mental health declines while our digital addictions grow, it's clear that something human has been lost in the shuffle.

On The I Project, we dive into the roots of this disconnection and explore new ways of thinking, seeing, and being. 


What's happening in our world

I think we are collectively going through this giant awakening because we are no longer outsourcing our consciousness.  We're realizing...I am the one who is in charge of how I feel about the things going on in the world, and now I have to plug back figure out how I can be a positive presence in the way that I live my life and deal with others.  


Kelly Sue Milano / HexComix

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The whole personal growth movement is saying, "You're not good enough as you have to improve yourself.  And then you end up chasing this horizon that's ever receding.  Even the concept of self-help ignores the fact that we are at our very core relational beings.  We evolved in tribes and we come into our best selves when we're supported; when we have strong, safe relationships.

Ciuin Doherty / Marriage & Family Therapist, MA, LMFT

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What can we do about it? 

Part of our purpose to create a common and shared language with which we can talk about these things and navigate this dimension of conscious experience. 


Zach McKinney / pHd 

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We're building a space for honesty and exploration, but with a focus on the deepest things that move our lives.  


Andrew Strenio / mitigation specialist


The discovery point is not where people think it is. 

You have to discover it for yourself. 

Runson Willis III / artist

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