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A Different Kind of Dialogue

All Immersioneer dialogues revolve from a home base of three fundamentals.  


SHARED INTENTION:  The aim of Immersioneer is to open up new levels of human awareness and capacity currently stifled by the egoic consciousness.   In this way, Immersioneer represents both a community and a classroom where we explore new approaches to radical self-care—that synthesize and streamline our inner work.  


NON-JUDGMENTAL AWARENESS - Conversations must begin with a grounding in consciousness and shared intention.  Our goal is not to be “right” but to be as honest as we are comfortable with.  The conversation that ensues is rooted in exploring and understanding another’s perspective, not judging it as good or bad.  Our objective here is to get to the bottom of belief and restore human connection at some place deeper than belief.


EGO vs CONSCIOUSNESS -  Part of the reason why human connection and community is so hard to come by is that we are “stuck on ourselves”—which is to say, stuck inside our egos.  We’re focused on our superficial differences and divorced from what is common underneath it all.  As such, all Immersioneer work ultimately points to what is common and seek to nourish human connection, conversation, and community—dissolving walls of separateness wherever possible.  

Clancey Hilkene     

Immersioneer | founder

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