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Bring Your Brilliance.

We live in the "post-information" age. 

In practice, this means we live in a time when information is abundant and, thanks to technology, highly accessible. The challenge is that there's so much information (and so little filtering of it) that chaos and confusion are getting the best of us.  After all, when we're all working off different information (with a different worldview), the fabric of society and civilization has little choice but to fray.  




If we can find new ways to sift through all this noise, we can build a culture rooted in insight, intelligence, and wisdom.  But if we do not find new ways to cut through the static, reconnect, come together, then we will continue to sp

The challenge before us is to come together and learn how to sift through this noise.  It's to bring curiosity to this growing complexity so we can start to make sense of our world together.  While the task is great, 

If we can bring our collective intelligence to the table in new ways that inspire collaboration and can help us not only deconstruct our modern divisions but unleash new levels of creativity and collaboration, and help transform human consciousness.  

This is what IOS seeks to accomplish.  

It is a place to share ideas and perspectives with one another and to restore immediacy to human dialogue.  

I founded Immersioneer because I believe in the collective intelligence of humanity. I believe we all share a deep desire to evolve and grow and we simply need the right conditions in which to deepen in emotional intelligence and self-awareness.  


This the container we seek to create at IOS.  


A New Form of Dialogue

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With technology dividing human awareness and our dialogue as fragmented as ever, the need for constructive dialogue has never been greater.  Social media, for all its utility, is a place b.  As news media and politics reflect deeper levels of polarization, the need for a deeper, more constructive form of human dialogue has never been clearer.  And the urgency of constructive, thoughtful dialogue about issues that impact us all have also never been more pressing.  

we need better ways to resolve conflict, sift through information, converge on truth, and accelerate wisdom in the post-information age.  Otherwise, we'll go bonkers in a wink.  

the next IOS is:



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Jan 27 // IOS 4.0

Tribalism & Technology

Men vs women. Republicans vs Democrats.  Patriots vs Rams.  We humans seem to love to dividing ourselves up into teams and tribes.  We love to be on a team and fight for a shared cause. But as the scale of human conflict now grow to encompass the world at large, tribalism's funny habit of dividing us up doesn't seem capable of uniting us.  

Our human desire to belong is in our bones, so how can we expand our sense of belonging to include the whole human tribe?  How can we 

These are the questions we'll explore at IOS on January 27th.  I hope you'll bring your brilliance to the table.  


These days, a lot of us are scared to say what we think.  Whether we're scared to offend others or fearful of judgment ourselves, nothing good comes out of silence.  While it might save us some short term social discomfort, in the long run, it keeps us from the honest conversation we deserve.  How else will we get to the bottom of things if we aren't speaking our truth?  With this in mind, at IOS we practice radical honesty and trust one another to receive our perspective non-judgmentally.   

One of the big reasons why dialogue falls apart is that we're so busy trying to prove our point that we never actually listen to the other person. When we're focused on "winning," we never hear what the other person is saying and squander a chance at deeper understanding. At IOS, our goal is not only to listen actively but to be prepared to reflect and refine what we hear others saying.  This ensures we stay on the same page and and converge on the most resonant insights and truths. 

Every human being you encounter brings a different set of experiences and expertise to the table.  At IOS, we explore  each other's perspective with the intention to learn.  When another's perspective conflicts with our own, can we find the true source of the disagreement?  Better yet, can we find where we agree?  If we can explore these questions honestly, we believe greater understanding is inevitable.

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Listen Intently

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Think Deeply

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Speak Openly

IOS is a smartphone-free zone

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Moderated Dialogue

In the first hour of Open Session, we kick things off with an intention-setting and then move

into moderated dialogue on a timely topic or issue  (think #metoo or #blacklivesmatter). 

Everyone is given an opportunity to share their unfiltered perspective. After this time, the lead moderator will identify key points of disagreement or tension among the opinions shared and re-calibrate the conversation.  When dialogue breaks down or we reach an impasse, the dialogue will often pause and shift from the "intellectual" into guided meditations designed to refine the underlying emotions driving our disagreement.  

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Freeform Dialogue

In the second hour, we break into smaller groups and let the conversations flow freely. 

At this stage, many participants may wish to explore the opening topic more deeply or explore new ideas with other participants.  Perhaps someone said something in the opening hour that resonated with you deeply (or maybe just the opposite).  The second hour is dedicated to "digging in" and converging on deeper insights.  

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Parting Insights & Meditation

Before we head back into the world and start checking our smartphones again, we take the last few minutes to share key insights uncovered during the dialogue.  All sessions close with a short silent or guided meditation. 

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the next IOS is:



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