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After a life spent looking at the surface, a series of life events finally forced me inward.  When I did, I was met by the "big" questions about life's meaning, my purpose, and the nature of human identity. 


Unable to make sense of these questions alone, I spent the next five years studying the work of the world's great wisdom traditions, spiritual teachers, scientists, and psychologists. I also began meditating, practicing mindfulness, and exploring a wide array of modern and ancient modalities focused on transformation of consciousness.  

At first keeping these explorations to myself, my perspective began to shift as I observed that mental health was declining in modern society. With depression and suicide on the rise, narcissism running rampant on social media, and public dialogue growing more polarized by the day, I began to sense that a deeper dialogue about the mind and human identity might be exactly what we needed.

I founded Immersioneer to supercharge this shared exploration and to promote healthy dialogue about what it means to be human in the digital age.

Shortly after I turned thirty,

my life profoundly changed

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