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An Invitation to Explore

At the end of the day, Immersioneer is an invitation to the curious.  I have my hunches as to where it will lead us, but I can make no claim to knowing.  

But regardless of where our work takes us, I see its immediate value being to human beings reconnect with not only one another but with deeper dimensions of themselves.  Together, I believe these will nourish us in ways the rational mind cannot comprehend.

In this sense, Immersioneer is an invitation to explore.  To think anew.  To look a little deeper.  To ask bigger questions.  And to do so together in an environment free of judgment.  

This is an invitation to do more than put our phones down.  It's to put ourselves face to face with our own invisible obstacles--the ones 

Clancey Hilkene     

Immersioneer | founder

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