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Maybe it's the fact that I worked in advertising for most of my career, but I don't ever want the word selling to ever appear within a mile of Immersioneer. 



On the one hand, I think we're all tired of being sold to.  

For that reason, Immersioneer relies on contributions from listeners, open sesison participants, and 

With that in mind, this is the part of the website where, if you believe in the mission we've set, you'll consider supporting our work in some way--be that financially or by sharing our content with those in your more immediate expereince. 

 I ask for your support in this work.  I would be honored if you would give and support this work.   And that's why Immersioneer relies purely on word of mouth and human connection to keep us going.  

Advertising is when someone pays for the right to interrupt your experience.  Somtimes, what people are selling is good, but at Immersioneer we don't believe in "selling".  We believe in creating something people can believe in and want to support with their time, energy, and yes their money too.  

The conversation we're creating isn't driven by a pursuit of profit.  It's driven by people who want change and believe in a change that starts down on the ground, face to face. 


Lucky for you, Immersioneer is not beholden to mass media networks, advertising quotas, or any thing that might inhibit the freedom of our expression and exploration. 


Instead It's driven by people who genuinely want to connect, to understand, and to learn from one another, and to make this kind of non-judgmental conversation and exploration a new hallmark in human communication, compassion, and consciousness.


If this sounds like a worthwhile investment of time and energy, we hope you'll support our efforts to deepen human dialogue. 

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The Revolution will not be Advertised.  

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