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We're better together.

2018 was divisive. 

As we embark into unknown territory, it's not surprising that we as individuals face a very new kind of evolutionary challenge.  Because while the outer shifts in our way of life get all the attention, our inner lives--our mental well-being--is getting the brunt of it.  

It's as if the universe is pressing down on the accelerator and we're being pushed through some new portal.  

Point is, it's uncomfortable.  It's pscyhologcially challenging. And as rising rates of depression, anxiety, and loneliness suggest (as well as recent high profile suicides)  it's time that we started to have a different kind of dialogue

the need for human connection has never been greater.  Thanks to technology, algorithm-enabled echo chambers, and the 


Some of us bemoan the rise of "political correctness" and note that inhibits free speech.  Others of us c

We either can't speak our mind.  Freedom of speech is something America claims to stand for, and yet our discourse has gone into the gutter.  Both sides villify each other, 

It's confusing for lots of reasons.  

For one, we're flooded with so much information it's hard to know what's true.  Credibility of our trusted institiutions has declined.  Large swaths of our society distrust the academics, the government

It seems we're living in a credibility gap that's currently filled with tons  of information that we're having a hard time sifting through.  

In large part because of this credibility gap, people are shutting off from the noise.  They're seeking sanity by closing themselves off from the broader world and focusing elsewhere.  It shouldn't be surprising then that there's been a democratization of influence underway for sometime.  

But as influence has moved from trusted institutions to individuals, we've seen the rise social media narcissism and false fronts fill our digital lives.  

All this begs the question of how we navigate through this tumultuous time in human history.  

Our Invisible Terrain

The Ego | the false self

Whether we call it the story in the head, the "false self," or the ego, we're talking about the same thing.  

The ego is called the "false" self because it's the dimension of our human being 

that is always changing due to the circumstances of our lives.  Because it's not constant, we consider to be false.  

The "Me" 

     is not everything...    

Immersioneer is a conscious collective  dedicated to deepening human connection in the digital age.  Especially in such polarized times, we believe that new levels of human connection, intimacy, introspection, and shared experience is how we'll find our way through these transformational times in human history. 

Explore The Crash Course

A Disconnected Time demands:

a Deeper Dialogue

I founded Immersioneer because I wanted to create places and spaces where more meaningful dialogue between human beings could take place.  And knowing the power of mindfulness, meditation, and a variety of other modalities in my own journey, I wanted to streamline this investigation for others..  

During times of transformational change, confusion and polarization increases.  


The speed of change is so great, we don't know whether to go left or right.  


 battle over ideas increases.  And one of the ways that some attempt to win this battle is by confusing the rest of us.  By  language increases.  The collective ego is aggravated and deals in misdirection and subterfuge to sustain its grip. 


And during times of transformational change accelerated by technology, the mass of information becomes so great that we lose our collective grip.

To restore that "grip" we have to start within ourselves.  We need to probe into the fundamental structure of the human psyche. 

Only then do we begin to understand the nature of our external problems.

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