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It's messy at first.  

And then it's simple. 

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”  - Albert Einstein

A Simple Philosophy

Immersioneer is founded on two simple observations.  First, that human connection is essential to human well-being and second, that if we are going to turn the tide on the growing mental health crisis then we'll have to re-double our efforts, try some new tactics, and engage in a different kind of human conversation.

It would be too simple to blame technology outright for our modern disconnection.  There's no question, we spend too much time nose down in screens.  But we need to ask ourselves why.  Why are we so quick to lose ourselves in these digital worlds which we know do not nourish that deeper part of our selves.  technology has shone a light on the disconnection within us that's gone unaddressed.  

I think we don't like our reflection, and simultaneously have forgotten how to see beyond it.  In such a situation, it makes sense that our culture produces so many wonderful distractions.  And even our politics has become bad entertainment these days.  

It simply seems that way due to the amplifying power of technology which makes it inescapable.  One need look no further than social media illusions for our culture's most obvious example.  It's clear that if we wish to create change outwardly, we must first create change inwardly.  

Clancey Hilkene     

Immersioneer | founder

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