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digital commons

Sharing Maps.  Exploring Territory.

If you're judging by internet speeds and instagram followers, we're living in the most connected time in human history. 


Funny it doesn't feel that way. 


To date, we've joined online networks to be onlookers. 

Immersioneer digital commons isn't interested in onlookers.  We're looking for people who fully intend to share their point of view and to respectfully engage with others in a different kind of dialogue. Ultimatley, we dont' believe technology is the problem . We think that human eings just aren't using technolgy to its full potential.  


Does this replace the importance of real-world experience of immediacy and intimacy?  Of course not.  But at least it ushers in a new kind of decorum as it regards our digital dialogues. 


Through the digital commons, I hope we can set a new standard for online discourse. 

Now that the major social media channels have become advertising channels, much of what we originally sought on social media can no longer be found.  


Rather than advertise to our community, we take a little upfront from the community (to keep it from ever becoming an advertising channel).  This allows us us to keep the focus on creating constructive dialogue rather than advertising dollars.  


As such, our community focuses on weekly touch-bases with others


At present, I anchor all pods to guide the conversation in the early going and help curate a group best-positioned to break down communication barriers.  

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