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It's time.

The polarization of the modern era has revealed a massive breakdown in human communication—leading many to conclude that open-minded dialogue and decency may be gone for good.  

I believe the exact opposite. I believe this breakdown is pointing us directly to 

the solution.  We simply need the courage to follow where it leads. And at this moment, it leads us back to each other.  It leads us back together--where we can explore the inner roots of our outer divisions and help us grow in self awareness and emotional intelligence.

I founded Immersioneer to supercharge this exploration. Through our weekly podcast and monthly live events, we seek to streamline the path of introspection, to create public forums for open-minded discourse, and to develop new methods of dialogue that deepen human understanding.


If you believe, as I do, that it’s time to stop fighting each other and instead to

start exploring together, then I invite you to take part in this new adventure. 

Inward.  Onward.  

Clancey Hilkene

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Sounds nice. How do we pull it off? 

Any true adventure is an adventure into the unknown.


While that might sound a little scary, the good news is that we don't have to fly blind.  We can trust our compass to keep us on track. 

In this work, our compass is our intention. It's what sees us

through confusion and leads the way to greater clarity. 


As we turn inward, our intention rests on three core values:  



HUMILITY acknowledges that we do not have all the answers. 

It gives us permission to "not know" and puts our exploration on honest footing. CURIOSITY pushes off this foundation--encouraging us to seek new answers that expand our understanding. And NON-JUDGMENT closes the loop by allowing us to embrace what curiosity discovers, even if it's not what we expected.   

Set your compass.



Learn the language.

Language serves as the bridge between our inner and outer worlds—between introspection and dialogue. 

In introspection, we rely on words to tease apart the various experiences, emotions, and psychological structures that make up our human being.  Whether we’re talking about the ego, instinct,  or intuition, all these words point to different aspects of ourselves.  So, it makes sense that knowing the difference between them will help us as we explore inwardly. 

Likewise, a strong command of language is crucial for successful dialogue. Because while we all might be able to speak our language, the truth is that we often fail to say what we mean and mean what

we say.  Even if we possess a high level of emotional intelligence

and self-awareness, if we cannot verbalize what we think and feel,

we can't expect others to "read between the lines". 


Instead, we must commit ourselves to mastering the art of communication and unleashing the full power of language--one word at a time.




Trust the process.


With our intention set, the real work can begin. 

And that work begins with introspection.  


Whether through meditation, mindfulness, or any other inward-facing modality, the goal of introspection is to gain deeper understanding of our human being, our mind, and emotions.

Done properly, this boosts self-awareness and emotional intelligence--giving the individual a greater sense of mental balance.


But before we can find balance, we first must build focus.  

By building our capacity for concentration, we learn to anchor awareness in the present and to prevent the mind from running away with us. As our exploration deepens, the mind's noise lessens, and we experience a blissful sense of expansion.  But with this expansion comes something else:  profound new questions around identity, purpose, and the meaning of life.  

While we're big fans of introspection at Immersioneer, we believe that bringing these "big" questions into dialogue is where the magic happens.  Moreover, while introspection might open up the territory, it's dialogue with your fellow explorers that helps you see in new ways. 


Through this iterative cycle of introspection and dialogue, we generate greater levels of self-awareness and emotional intelligence than we could in isolation. 




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Sounds like a plan. Where do     start?

self awareness

human connection




emotional intelligence

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