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       Tribalism & Technology


Men vs women. Republicans vs Democrats.  Patriots vs Rams. 

We humans love being on a team and fighting for a shared cause. But as the scale of human conflict now grows to encompass the world at large, tribalism's tendency to divide us up doesn't seem up to the task of uniting us.  Technology would seem to be a great tool to connect the world, but so far we've seen it used to distract and divide us even further.  

In our current situation, how can we expand our sense of self to include the whole human tribe (or even the Earth itself)? And how can we use technology to drive this transformation forward? 

These are the questions we'll explore at IOS on January 27th.  I hope you'll bring your brilliance to the table.  



the next IOS is:



2-4 pm

Beyond Baroque 

681 Venice Blvd

Venice, CA 90291

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