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Maps. Compasses.  Companions.

Rather than espouse a singular philosophy or sell a particular point of view, Immersioneer embraces shared exploration.  As we've seen, the days of proving ourselves right and another wrong only sews the seeds of division.  And aren't we all a bit tired of all this divisiveness?


If we truly want to understand the territory of life better, then we need to bring all the explorers to the same table.  We need to put our pieces of the map together. And when we do that, life gets exponentially more interesting.  Because what can we create together when we stop clawing at each other's throats? 

With that in mind, Immersioneer welcomes all kinds of perspectives, traditions, and teachers.  What is "right" and what is "wrong" are less important to us than having a constructive and open-minded dialogue about the roots of our beliefs and exo do so together.  And we do so with the belief that an open exploration together will lead us somewhere much more interesting than hiding behind our isolated perspective.  

With that in mind, Immersioneer acts as a laboratory where we work through and share different modalities and methods.  Does this mean you need to believe them?  No.  We simply wish to present to you a variety of different methods, disciplines, and tools that may be of service to you.  

As my friend and fellow explorer Marco Nunez has  often said, the path of "highest resonance" is what each of us seek to live in alignment with and it's my hope that through Immersioneer's workshops and expereincess, each of us can find what resonates most deeply with our experience.  

Clancey Hilkene     

Immersioneer | founder

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