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Is The Crash Course for me? 

The Crash Course is for anyone eager to embrace a new perspective toward themselves and the world. So if you're someone who wants to gain greater awareness of the mind and is curious to explore insights of the great wisdom traditions, then the Crash Course offers one way in.  By the same token, it's probably not for you if you're not ready to look at yourself in a new way. 

That's because the goal of the Crash Course is to shine a light into many of our most unconscious patterns and push us to get outside

our conditioned ways of thinking.  

The Crash Course is also great for those who are already exploring inwardly.  If you meditate or practice mindfulness, but are looking for a more social approach, then the Crash Course is the perfect way to round out your practice.  

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Not a doctor.

Not a therapist.

Enter at your own risk.  

A PhD in Curiosity :)

While many report a therapeutic effect from the Crash Course, it's important to be clear that I do not present myself as a therapist or psychologist. Likewise, I am not affiliated with any specific system, method, or school.


Instead, think of me as someone trying to practically translate the insights of humanity's  great wisdom traditions for a modern time (that arguably seems hungry for it)


f the world's rom experience.  And since my path has taken me down a wide array of psychological, philosophical, and spiritual traditions, my goal is to synthesize these insights for others in way that makes it practical. 

Because most human dialogue about identity happens in private rooms with professionals,  We've learned to leave it to the "experts".  But last I checked, nobody had a better view into our own inner worlds than ourselves.  For this reason, The Crash Course seeks to empower the individual to look in new ways at their inner world--focusing specifically on the ego.  

what will I get out of it? 

Like most things, we get out what we put in. What makes The Crash Course unique is that the goal is not to "do more" but to do less and to truly show up as ourselves.  We're asked to come in with guards lowered, and then lower them further.  

The more open we are, the more we are able to receive.  And the more we are able to receive, the  greater the clarity.  In this way, the more curiosity and vulnerability we are able to bring into this exploration, the more we ultimately get out of it.  

This is as scary as it is liberating.  


If you'd like to hear what people are saying, check out the testimonials.  

Leave your expectations at the door

Leave your expectations at the door

The Crash Course is a workshop that redirects our awareness inwardly at dimensions of human experience which we often overlook.  


For that reason, it's only recommended 

for individuals who feel they're on solid ground psychologically.  

Leave your expectations at the door

what should i bring?

If you decide to sign up for the Crash Course, just remember to wear something comfortable and be ready for elements. We currently host the workshop in an enclosed garden space with a mix of direct sun and shaded spaces. 

So a pair of sunglasses, a bottle of water, and a light jacket would be smart to bring.  

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