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Why did you create The Crash Course? 

Originally, it started as an experiment. 

After spending five years in self-directed study of the world's wisdom traditions, spiritual teachers, and psychologists, I'd gained a lot of useful insights that I wanted to share with others.  But most of what I'd been exploring sounded esoteric and impractical to others.


Knowing the profound impacts and practical value of these insights in daily life, I set out to create a workshop that could bring them to life experientially. Rather than talking at people about the great realizations of the world's contemplative traditions, we instead could experience them directly.  And having stumbled repeatedly in my own explorations, I knew how helpful it was to embark on the journey with other explorers.  

The Crash Course grew out of that.  On the surface, it's a workshop that gives you new objectivity toward your egoic narrative, but underneath it's an opportunity to explore the mystery of identity with your fellow human beings.  

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