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 The more you know, 

 the less you understand.  


Stories have Power

Stories have Power

We are living in a time where the narrative is openly battled for and the truth is twisted beyond recognition. As we see we can't agree on truth in the realm of facts and thoughts, it's time that we found something deeper than fact. To the ground that's underneath all our proverbial feet. 


Let's seek out what's so true that it's beyond twisting. 


If we sought out this answer, we would agree that facts will never get us to fall in line.  Not fully. 


We humans never agree on the of history. History has no answers for us. 


History exists in the dimension of time and time is a concept. 


If we follow this question honestly, we will eventually come to a summit where we are able to glimpse a state of being beyond the conceptual. 


And when we do that within ourselves, we will remember that which is greater than the story. 

In so doing we discover a dimension beyond separateness.   

Clancey Hilkene 

Immersioneer | founder

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