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 The more you know, 

 the less you understand.  


Our Invisible Terrain

When we can't see beyond our story--and so our little "me"—we lack empathy, lose human connection, and subject ourselves to greater suffering


Speaking of conversations, that's what we're all about.  More specifically, dialogue--and a very intentional kind of dialogue.  

And while the ego takes a lot of heat in our culture, let's not throw the baby out with the bath water.  Egos have their role.  Egos are what allow us to chart a part distinct from everyone else.  The only problem is that many times we get stuck inside this story of ourselves.  Oftentimes we get so stuck, we can't see anything beyond it.   

Immersioneer is a dedicated to helping people get unstuck through a mixture of super-charged introspection, guided meditation, thought experiments, and experiences that supercharge human dialogue. 

Finding peace with this story is essential to our well-being.  Only when we accept that it is a story, can write new ones.    

At Immersioneer, we want to help people live

Clancey Hilkene 

Immersioneer | founder

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