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From Prison to Platform

From a decade spent in marketing and advertising,  I learned firsthand that culture is something we create.  The difference is that some of us create it consciously and some us don't.

And in the modern media environment supercharged by the power of technology, everyone's capacity to create and shape our culture has never been greater.  All that we need to do is raise our voice.

Still, as recent events in the United States and abroad have proven, the challenge of our modern era is that too many of the current voices seek to manipulate us for their private benefit.  They feel no sense of obligation to a larger whole because they feel no sense of connection to anything larger than their ego.  In other words, they only live to serve their idea of themselves.  

As infuriating as it may be to see others serving themselves at the detriment of others, seeking to change these individuals is a fool's errand.  The best thing we can do is to seek out the unconsciousness within ourselves and bring the light of awareness to it.  It is only by setting an example that others recognize as more rewarding that we steer th

Clancey Hilkene 

Immersioneer | founder

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